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Good ol' me

Happened to be checking mail and somehow landed on the sent items. Scrolling down couldn't help reading ol' mails going down yrs back. Somewat felt like a different person over there. Life happened, busy bodies and you wake up one day to realize you're not yourself anymore. So disconnect from my inner being. I need to re-create that. Need to be plugged in. Yesterday i had some good time with an ol' buddy who kept reminding me that. He's like the only guy who really managed to bring down my walls with his constant "nagging" as it appeared so initially. But he really was there for me. The best of my best friends who really understands me.
Need to reconnect with my friends too. Often times we come to marriage expecting all our needs to be fulfilled by this one person. But the truth is no one can be able to do that for another. There's need to cultivate relationships not only with our spouses but also with our friends.

Want it so bad

Have you ever wanted something so bad and for so long but did not get it then. And then finally what you wanted starts to materialize and it's handed to you on a silver platter. However time has lapsed and wanting it so bad has turned to resentment that you really do not feel the urge to handle what you wanted in the first place unless you must.

The Dilemma of Marriage Life

Marriage should supposedly be the institution in which two become one. What was mine is no longer mine but ours and what was yours is no longer just yours but ours. Perfect in theory as it's easier to achieve life's goals, what with combined resources. But in practice, how easy is this. Have you ever contributed to a project in you marriage only later to wonder when it stopped being our project to mine? It can be so frustrating. What do you do now? And what do you do in the future when you have saved up for another project. The dilemma is do i go on this project solely or should i risk again making it our project? Is there room for individuality in marriage?

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