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Marriage should supposedly be the institution in which two become one. What was mine is no longer mine but ours and what was yours is no longer just yours but ours. Perfect in theory as it's easier to achieve life's goals, what with combined resources. But in practice, how easy is this. Have you ever contributed to a project in you marriage only later to wonder when it stopped being our project to mine? It can be so frustrating. What do you do now? And what do you do in the future when you have saved up for another project. The dilemma is do i go on this project solely or should i risk again making it our project? Is there room for individuality in marriage?

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Posted on 08:37PM on Nov 23rd, 2012
You can be an individual while still working as a team. Just because you are married doesn't mean that you suddenly morph into one entity. You grow together but you shouldn't lose who you are. Becoming one means that you should become one in purpose.

Communication is the main thing I wish to stress to you. When both parties talk and are on the same page, marriage becomes much happier.
Posted on 02:11AM on Dec 5th, 2012
Thanks again euter. Just like you, I have always been an advocate of communication in marriage. But this like many other things is easier said than done. Coming from a place where every attempt in communication turned into an argument, i can say sometimes things are better left like that until when both parties are equally willing to make things work. Not to say i just sit back quiet ignoring everything but i choose what to say and the issues to address with him.
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